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Bigger Entertainment rapidly expanding its in-house artist roster.

Bigger Entertainment announced plans today to rapidly expand its exclusive in-house artist roster. The announcement came with the signing of two new artists, Safi Milano and Wayne2Wild.

Founded in 2015, Bigger Entertainment has largely found its success as a music licensing agency (Over 250 licensing placements to date) and publishing group (Over 5,000 releases to date). Previously the label rarely sought out exclusive contract deals with artists and instead worked with creators in an "a la carte" environment. When asked about the reason for branching out, CEO Steven Cooper explained "I believe our label has built a strong foundation and we have the privilege of managing a successful catalog of over 5,000 releases. Naturally, this allows us the freedom to take chances and put budgets toward artists we believe have the potential to be great."

Safi Milano is an established R&B singer from Russia who's sound is reminiscent of the early 90's classics. Safi draws her inspiration from some of her favorites such as Aliyah, Brandy, and Monica, while adding her own soulful approach. Safi is the first R&B artist to work with Bigger Entertainment. The label has plans for 3 single releases, with the first dropping in Spring of 2023, before a full album release at a date to be announced.

Wayne2Wild is a rap artist who is local to Kansas City, where Bigger Entertainment is based. The artist has made a buzz for himself through witty, lyrical content and quality music videos that always have a playful nature. When asked about his brand, Wayne2Wild likens himself to fun and vibrant rappers such as Ludacris and DaBaby, where there's a heavy focus on creative imagery. The artist's first single "Brand New" will be released through Bigger Entertainment on Feb. 24th and be available worldwide.


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