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Bigger Entertainment Experiences Rapid Growth With Asian-Inspired Music Playlists.

Recently, Bigger Entertainment ventured into a musical genre that was new to the label - Asian-inspired LoFi. This move originated from both a genuine love of the sounds found in traditional East-Asian music, like that from Japan, Korea, and China, and an increased demand for LoFi music. LoFi has been around for decades but gained more popularity during the pandemic when students and workers alike were faced with a need for music that was non-distracting and enhanced concentration while studying and working from home. Streaming services, like Spotify, saw listeners spending more hours tuning in to artists and songs that fell within the LoFi genre and that of Asian LoFi particularly. While Bigger Entertainment has been successful with all of their LoFi ventures, they have experienced a boom working with artists that incorporate Asian elements into their tracks. The label has built an impressive roster of such artists thus far including Asian Zen, Haruki Nang, Ambien, Losa, Nico Lofi, and Lofi Queen who all work with the label exclusively. Bigger Entertainment has created two playlists showcasing this genre, Asian Zen and Asian LoFi, and saw increased streaming traffic as their release coincided with Chinese and Lunar New Year celebrations around the globe. The label intends to continue their efforts in this musical category and hopes for even more success during this celebratory time next year.

Listen Here:

Asian Zen:

Asian LoFi:


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