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Bigger Entertainment and the rise of LoFi music.

There has been a steady increase in the number of remote jobs and online classes for at least the last 3 decades; however, 2020 saw a massive spike in both as the pandemic forced people into their homes for work and school. This shift meant that office workers and students alike were faced with having to create an environment that allowed for uninterrupted concentration and minimal distractions, which meant finding ways to deal with unaccustomed silence or noise from other activities within the household. Not only were people confined to their homes during the pandemic, they were now clocking more hours on social media than ever before – a combination that led to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression, as well as sleep disturbances. One way to cope with all of these new circumstances? LoFi Music. During this time of heightened collective stress, streaming services like Spotify saw listeners spending more hours tuning in to artists and songs that fell within the LoFi genre. But LoFi being used for concentration and focus wasn’t entirely new. This approach was originally made popular by YouTube profile Lofi Girl, formerly Chilled Cow, which started streaming LoFi Hip Hop in 2017 and focused their branding and marketing heavily on those that listened while working or studying. And those efforts paid off! Lofi Girl quickly gained a mass following as people began to bond virtually through their shared experiences with LoFi music, leading to a sense of community among listeners, which in turn drove the demand for the genre on a variety of music and entertainment platforms. Listeners found that not only did LoFi music provide the perfect backdrop for working and studying, it also helped provide a sense of calm and relaxation, as well as soothing sounds for sleeping. In an effort to serve such a community, Bigger Entertainment ventured into the world of LoFi in 2021 when it became clear that the lasting mental and emotional effects of the pandemic could be eased with this type of music, and the demand for remote jobs and online academic pursuits wasn’t going to slow down any time soon. Thus far, the label has curated three study and work centered playlists with a variety of songs to help listeners focus and concentrate, Study LoFi, 24/7 LoFi, and LoFi + Instrumental | Chill Study & Work Mix, as well as several playlists that assist with relaxation, provide calming vibes, and even help users drift to sleep. With gentle beats, chill instrumentals, and a combination of Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ambient elements, this type of music appeals to a wide array of listeners and is definitely here to stay!

Listen Here:

Study LoFi:

24/7 LoFi:

LoFi + Instrumental | Chill Study & Work Mix:

Relaxing LoFi:

Calm LoFi Beats:

Sleep LoFi:


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